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  Alexander Tomov Jr. was born on June 3, 1982 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He is freelance writer and film director who is looking for recognition abroad. His work consists of short stories and short films. The author creates unorthodox points of view toward the world and the human existence. Some of his stories are hypotheses for the development of society and civilization and for the evolution of human nature in the far future. His dream is for his works to become popular in the Western world. 

"My creativity is a thorough study of human psychology, of eternal values and the questions each one of us asks himself, of modern society and its pathological ideas and notions. The works in it are trying to reveal the truth about people as it is, in a unique and original manner. They are an attempt at surveying and explaining the depths of human soul and sub-conscience, usually hidden behind banal and ostensible things. My stories include also hypotheses, or at least an attempt at making ones, about near and far future and the evolution of human civilization in social and political aspect. Although the stories have logical subject-matter, the theses and ideas they describe, are absurd and existential. They are looking for a nonstandard point of view towards world and human imagination. My short stories are inspired from something that comes from deep intuition, from connections that are usually unthinkable, from pain and fear. They are conceived as an entirely global and symbolic prose. I have tried to describe the impossible, the absurd and unthinkable at this moment, which, as has happened so many times in history, after some time can become our reality. My dream is for my works to become popular in the Western world, both among people who are literary orientated and those who are not. I am confident that I have studied some, so far unrevealed nuances of human psyche and that this will contribute to contemporary society". AddThis Social Bookmark Button



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