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Tomovjunior is an alternative site on cinema and literature. It contains short stories (2 or 3 pages long), as well as short movies. Their main purpose is a thorough study of human psychology, of eternal values and the questions each one of us asks himself, of modern society and its pathological ideas and notions. The works in it are trying to reveal the truth about people as it is, in a unique and original manner. They are an attempt at surveying and explaining the depths of human soul and subconscience, usually hidden behind banal and ostensible things. The short stories in the site include also hypotheses, or at least an attempt at making ones, about near and far future and the evolution of human civilization in social and political aspect. Although the stories have logical subject-matter, the theses and ideas they describe, are absurd and existential. They are looking for a nonstandard point of view towards world and human imagination. Some of them are not directly connected with the reality in which we live and could be considered modern fables symbolizing the universal roaming of conscience. The movies have a weird way of expression. They are quite varied in view of topics and ideas. Some of them, for example God is Love, are about the social and political problems of contemporary life. Others, like Resurrected Moments have a dramatic and mystic subject - matter and are made in a surreal and philosophic manner. This is a site for all who are interested in the thorough study of eternal questions of life.


Tales About The Insanity 

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Future Gone Future Gone
reviews: 17
ratings: 26 (avg rating 3.65)

Unexpected Tales from the Ends of the Earth Unexpected Tales from the Ends of the Earth
reviews: 5
ratings: 16 (avg rating 4.56)

A la bulgaro A la bulgaro
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ratings: 3 (avg rating 5.00)

Tales About The Insanity Tales About The Insanity
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ratings: 3 (avg rating 3.67)



































 My book Future Gone is conceived as a deep study of human nature, of our hidden, subconscious desires, of the constant roaming in the labyrinth of life and as a journey through human pathology. It presents in a unique way and from different points of view all that is hidden beneath the mask of simple things. In my book there are hypotheses for the development of society and civilization and for the evolution of human nature in far future.   In my short stories I have tried to describe the impossible, the absurd and unthinkable at this moment, which, as has happened so many times in history, after some time and for better or for worst can become our reality.It’s dark mood and wild states of mind that prevail in my book, as well as blurred senses, and this leads my characters towards the unknown in their own selves. Some of my stories are on religious topics, as well as on the topic of fear of death and our refusal to believe in it and the ridiculous escape from the end of life.Future Gone is also a picture of the dark side of man and the nightmarish duality, which, in my opinion, accompanies every one of us at every moment of our existence. My works also examine what seems to be the brightest human feeling: hope, which, in my opinion, has a reverse side, as well as the consequences of the blind faith in it. If I am to describe my stories, I would call them intuitive prose. Something that comes from deep intuition, from connections that are usually unthinkable, from pain and fear.  My stories don’t deal with ordinary reality or, so to speak, the world that I am surrounded with. They are conceived as an entirely global and symbolic prose.My dream is for my works to become popular in the Western world, both among people who are literary orientated and those who are not.My way of writing is simple and I don’t use long, ambiguous sentences, scientific terms and charades. I dare say that my ideas are presented in the most accessible manner possible. I am confident that I have studied some, so far unrevealed nuances of human psyche and that this will contribute to contemporary society.



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A JOURNEY IN THE FOG - short mistery movie





 "God is love" introduces the Point of view of number of political, social and religious problems of one of the largest minority groups in Bulgaria - the Gipsys. The film is uncensored. It is pictured in the most-poverty Gipsy's Ghetto in the suburbs of Sofia. The product is in the style - short documentary cinema. It lasts 12 minutes and 41 seconds. In it nothing is changed about the ideology of the taking part people. The film is pictured for one day. My basic idea is to be represented part of the problematic Bulgarian reality, such as it is in fact!

RAPTURED THOUGHTS - short experimental movie

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Dark mind movies

Some stories from my books made into movies



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